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Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Fund is now Sudan Relief Fund

Sudan Relief Fund, formerly the Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Fund, was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring food, clean water, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and the hope of the Gospel message to the people of Sudan.

Since its creation, the support of generous donors has enabled this 501(c)3 charitable organization to make great strides in building or renovating hospitals, schools, orphanages, and supporting agricultural projects and clean water initiatives. Initially focusing efforts in the El Obeid Diocese in the Nuba Mountain region, the relief work has gradually expanded to serve other dioceses in and around South Sudan to reach an even greater area of need.

On his 75th birthday when Bishop Gassis rendered his customary resignation as Catholic Bishop of the El Obeid Diocese and retired as Chairman in 2013, the organization updated its name to the Sudan Relief Fund, continuing the work and building upon the foundations of progress that have been laid throughout the years.

Today the work goes on and there is still much to be done. The Sudan Relief Fund continues to support lifesaving initiatives such as the Mother of Mercy Hospital, St. Bakhita’s Orphanage, Loreto School for Girls, St. Abangite School of Science and Technology, Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp, and so many more to bring transformation and hope to the people of South Sudan.

To learn more about how this vital work begun by Bishop Gassis continues today, and to read the encouraging stories of what’s being accomplished through your partnership and support, go to our current site at: Sudan Relief Fund

Thank you for helping us continue the mission.